Public Schools Vs Home Schooling – Which Provides The Best Elementary Education?

If you are a parent then you probably already know that children learn best when they are young, it has been proven. What does this mean for you though? It means that when it comes down to deciding where your child will get his/her elementary education you should think about it long and hard.What should you do? Let your child go to a public education system to get their elementary education or should you home school them? This is a hard decision so here is a basic rundown of both of the two and you decide which would fit your child best.Elementary school teachers, teaching at public schools, are trained to do their job. However, these teachers are not able to always teach everything. Your child may have a teacher that is unable to teach them science properly or p.e. You have to remember though that you are going to be the one teaching your child if you go to home schooling, can you teach everything?Now, because the teaching is probably the major reason you would consider home schooling I would recommend that you go to the school you are thinking about having your child attend and talk to some of the teachers and if you are able to see the way they teach.Another reason you may consider home schooling is because you do not want your child to have to try and learn in a 1 teacher to 20 student ratio. If you are able to teacher your child one on one then your child will not have to get held back by other students.A major thing you should consider if you are thinking about home schooling is will your child be able to socialize with others if they are home schooled. Some of the best times for socializing with other children is at school when they are able to be in a classroom learning together or out at the playground playing games with each other. If you take this away from your child they may have a hard time being an ordinary kid around others.What it really comes down to is what is best for your child on the subject of elementary education. If you have a child who is going to need special treatment because they are really smart or because you are worried about their safety and the education they would receive at a public school then you should consider home schooling them. However, if your child is a normal kid, you believe the public school education is good, and you want them to have a good sense of cooperation and socializing skills then go with public school.